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Cutting Edge Basic English Series - 20 program set
20 programs
AUD $1,980.00
Cutting Edge Basic English Series - 20 program set

This ground-breaking Cutting Edge Basic English Series designed by psychologist Eve Ash and ESL expert Dr Fran Byrnes, can be used in a wide range of language learning situations, in classrooms and for self-study. The series can be used for learners prior to using the popular Cutting Edge English at Work Series.

All Cutting Edge English programs are built on established language learning principles and methodology. At the same time, great characters in comic situations help students (and teachers) have fun as they learn.

They engage learners through:
- amusing situations, entertaining characters
- interesting conversations with authentic language
- strong storylines and high quality production
- practical graded activities

This series builds on the successful Cutting Edge Communication Comedy Series, created by Eve Ash and comedienne Erin Brown.

There are 20 programs - each comprising video, PowerPoint slides, workbook with activities and answer sheet, learning tips, certificate and full script.

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01: Meeting People
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Simple ways to say hello and goodbye, introduce yourself, and use the right body language. ... More...
02: Family and friends
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Describe family members and talk about friends and relatives. ... More...
03: Giving information
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Talk about yourself in more detail – ask for and give basic information. ... More...
04: Thanks!
AUD $275.00 Buy Now
Say thanks and no thanks in different ways and reply to other people when they thank you. ... More...
05: What do you do?
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Ask and talk about jobs – what you do and what other people do for work. ... More...
06: A typical day
AUD $275.00 Buy Now
Talk about what you do everyday, what you often do and what you never do. ... More...
07: Where can we meet?
AUD $275.00 Buy Now
Make suggestions about where and when to meet and give simple directions. ... More...
08: What's happening?
AUD $275.00 Buy Now
Talk about what people are doing right now. What is happening at the moment? ... More...
09: Instructions and advice
AUD $275.00 Buy Now
Give and follow simple commands and sets of instructions. ... More...
10: You choose
AUD $275.00 Buy Now
Choose from a number of possibilities  this one or that one, these ones or those ones. ... More...
11: Asking for help
AUD $275.00 Buy Now
Ask others for help, directly and indirectly, and say why you need help. ... More...
12: How do you feel?
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Talk about your feelings and why you feel that way – how do you feel about family, friends, work, and vacations?... More...
13: Let's go
AUD $275.00 Buy Now
Make suggestions about what to do or where to go. Accept or refuse an invitation. ... More...
14: How was your week?
AUD $275.00 Buy Now
Talk about things that happened in the past – this morning, yesterday, last week, last month. ... More...
15: Comparing
AUD $275.00 Buy Now
Talk about what is the same and what is different – which is better, which is more important? ... More...
16: Do you like them?
AUD $275.00 Buy Now
Talk about what you like and what you dont like, and ask other people what they like. ... More...
17: Be Careful
AUD $275.00 Buy Now
Give warnings. Talk about what is safe or unsafe, and why. ... More...
18: Chatting
AUD $275.00 Buy Now
Chat with friends and people at work – what can you chat about; what questions could you ask? ... More...
19: Can I help?
AUD $275.00 Buy Now
Offer your help to other people – ask how you can help, ask what you can do. ... More...
20: What are you going to do?
AUD $275.00 Buy Now
Talk about plans for the future. What is going to happen – later today, tomorrow, next week, next year? ... More...
Package Description

Comprises 20 video programs plus a resources kit with PDFs of workbooks with ESL learning activities and quizzes, PowerPoint Slides, Certificates and trailers.

Recommended Audiences
  • English/ESL learners
Distributed in the following format(s)
  • DVD
Available in the following language(s)
  • English
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Video Recording
  • Actor Erin Brown
  • Actor Cutting Edge comedy team
Presentation Style
  • Comedy
  • Drama
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Los Angeles, USA
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