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Assertiveness And Empowerment

Successful businesses thrive with an assertive and empowered workforce. Assertive people are better problem solvers and have the confidence to speak out. Empowered people take more initiative and even deliver better customer service because they are decisive and confident.

Learn effective ways to empower and build confidence to handle difficult situations like angry customers, unreasonable bosses, pushy salespeople or even school or workmates who bully with Seven Dimensions books, 360 degree assessment tools and more than 75 DVDs on assertiveness and empowerment!

Seven Dimensions has a huge range of resources in the areas of:

Best selling DVD titles on assertiveness and empowerment can be found in the Take Away Training 'interview style' series with more than 20 titles on assertiveness and empowerment. Titles include: 5 Steps to High Self-Esteem, Developing Assertiveness Skills, Developing Emotional Competence, Self Empowerment, The Power of Empathy and many more!

Highly recommended assertiveness and empowerment titles can be found in the best selling Learning a la Carte Series which includes interviews with world experts on subjects such as: Developing Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, Risk Taking, What's New in Empowerment and more!

Seven Dimensions has developed 8 outstanding programs to help develop assertiveness and empowerment skills for teenagers as part of the Teenagers' Guide to the Galaxy 15 DVD series. Titles include: Assertive With Adults, Bullying And Teasing, Losing Your Cool and more!

Also, included in the area of assertiveness and empowerment are three 360 degree Online Skill Indicator assessment tools for measuring and evaluating: assertiveness skills, emotional competence and negotiation skills.

Learn how to turn your negative thoughts into positive scripts to change your life and create the relationships you want with the books, Rewrite Your Life and Rewrite Your Relationships. In these, Eve Ash and Rob Gerrand help you understand your negative scripts and explain how you can turn them into scripts for success and healthy relationships for the long term.

Finally, Seven Dimensions has also developed assertiveness and empowerment programs specifically for: call centers, sales teams, coaching, change management, performance appraisals and young people.