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Conflict And Difficult People

Although usually unwelcome and uncomfortable, dealing with conflict at work or in our personal life is at times, unavoidable. Learn how to identify problems, deal with difficult people, and cope in conflict situations with Seven Dimensions' books, 360 degree assessment tools and more than 60 DVDs on conflict and difficult people!

Seven Dimensions has a huge range of resources to help deal with:

Best selling DVD titles can be found in the Take Away Training 'interview style' series with more than 20 titles on conflict and difficult people including: 6 Ways to Resolve Conflict, 7 Ways to Handle a Difficult Boss, Dealing with Abusive & Threatening Calls, Dealing with the Unmotivated Employee, Eliminating Workplace Bullying, Managing Aggression in the Workplace, The Psychology of Saying Sorry and many more!

Highly recommended conflict and difficult people titles can also be found in the best selling People Skills Series with titles such as: Dealing With Conflict, Giving Bad News, Handling Difficult People, Mediating Disputes and more.

Also included in the area of conflict and difficult people are two, 360 degree assessment Online Skill Indicator tools for measuring and evaluating conflict management and negotiation skills.

Conflict and difficult people DVD titles can also be found in the Learning a la Carte series which features interviews with world experts; the Hotlines series, which specialises in call centres and the Communication Essentials and Performance Excellence series.

Seven Dimensions also has resources for dealing with conflict and difficult people in one's personal life including the two books: Rewrite Your Life! and Rewrite Your Relationships! two DVD titles dealing with domestic violence, and 7 DVD titles specifically to help teenagers deal with the rollercoaster that is adolescence.