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Making feedback, whether formal or informal, an accepted part of daily business in your organisation will help create a positive culture of encouragement and motivation and will also improve business outcomes.

Feedback is no longer just the role of the manager. Almost every employee in every job has to give and receive feedback in some capacity, yet few people are naturally good at it.

Learn how to instil a feedback culture in your organisation with Seven Dimensions 360 degree assessment tools and more than 50 DVDs on feedback!

Seven Dimensions has an extensive range of feedback resources in the areas of:

Developed specifically on feedback are two complete series: Feedback Solutions and the Giving Feedback CD ROM training program.

Highly recommended feedback titles can also be found in the best selling Take Away Training 'interview style' series with titles such as: 360 Degree Feedback, Learning from Mistakes, Preparing for Your Appraisal, Managing Performance, Evaluate Anything, Giving Personal Feedback and more.

Seven Dimensions also has 24 online 360 degree Skill Indicator tools specifically designed for participants to discover their strengths and weaknesses across a range of skills by pro actively seeking feedback from co-workers, managers and even customers. These online Skill Indicator tools assess training and development needs, evaluate improvement of skills and can also be used to compare self-assessment with how others rate one's skills.

Skill Indicators are available for the assessment of a range of skills including: Performance Management, Negotiation, Assertiveness, Sales Performance, Customer Service, Managing Projects, Conflict Management , Interviewing, Emotional Competence, Coaching, Consulting Effectiveness, Listening, Client Relationships and many more!

Finally, DVD titles on Feedback can also be found in the People Skills, Performance Excellence, Learning a la Carte, Coaching Challenges, and Reinventing Appraisals series.