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Performance Management

Performance management isn't just about performance appraisals, and employee training sessions. It's about focusing on achieving results for the organisation as a whole. The overall goal of performance management should be for all the elements of the organisation to work together efficiently to achieve optimal results. Seven Dimensions has a great selection of resources on various components of performance management in the areas of:

Highly recommended for implementing effective performance management practices is the six-volume DVD series entitled Performance Excellence. In the same way that athletic coaches help their teams achieve, workplace coaches need to help team members reach their full potential and be the best they can be. This series analyses and demonstrates six core coaching skills, which can be used by anyone to ensure teamwork, commitment and the best performance from everyone.

Vital to any performance management system is the development of an effective feedback culture. Feedback Solutions is a comprehensive video-based training package that sets the scene for creating a "feedback culture" in your organization - one in which giving and receiving feedback becomes part of normal day-to-day business.

Included in the area of Performance Management are three 360 degree Skill Indicator online assessment tools for measuring and evaluating mentoring effectiveness, performance management and coaching skills.

Also included in the area Performance Management are 16 DVD titles from the best selling and award winning Take Away Training Series. This 'interview style' series includes titles on Performance Management such as: 7 Ways to Handle a Difficult Boss, Dealing with the Unmotivated Employee, Essential Counselling Skills, How to Manage & Motivate a Sales Team, Managing Performance, Preparing for your Appraisal, The Power of Empathy and more!

Designed to teach managers, team leaders and employees how to implement performance management principles is the five-part Reinventing Appraisals DVD series. This series explains the concept of performance management and provides step-by-step guidance on how to plan and review employee performance.

Performance Management DVD titles can also be found in the following series: People Skills, Learning a la Carte, Creating a High Performance and Improving Performance.