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Presentations And Meetings

Whether we like it or not, most of us have to make a presentation or contribute to a meeting at some time in our lives, be it at school, work or perhaps a social gathering. For some, public speaking comes naturally, but for others, it can truly be a scary experience. Learn how to make a great impression when presenting to a group of people whether in be in the boardroom, a training session or in front of an audience of hundreds!

Seven Dimensions has more than 30 DVD titles on presentations and meetings in the areas of:

Highly recommended titles can be found in the best selling 'interview style' series; Take Away Training with 30 titles on presentations and meetings including: 10 Powerful Networking Skills, Common Facilitation Mistakes, Conducting Training Activities, Controlling Meetings, Difficult Presentations Made Easy, How to Make a 5 Star Impression, Leading Group Discussions, Public Speaking with Confidence, Understanding Group Dynamics and more.

Presentations and meetings titles can also be found in the best selling People Skills 'drama style' series with titles: Communicating Without Words, Explaining Clearly, Managing Meetings, Presenting to a Group and Winning First Impressions.

The Hotlines, Learning a la Carte, Communication Essentials and Teamwork Essentials series also all contain titles on presentations and meetings.

Also included in the area of communication are two, 360 degree Skill Indicator online assessment tools for measuring and evaluating meeting facilitation and presentation effectiveness.

Seven Dimensions also has a DVD title from the Teenagers Guide to the Galaxy Series entitled Making a Good Impression which has been developed specifically to help teenagers with their presentation skills.