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Selection And Interviews

Job interviews are almost always nerve wracking for applicants and tricky for selectors. Candidates must present well, keep calm and be prepared. Selectors need to ask the right questions and be skilled in how to interpret the candidate's answers, body language and presentation.

Seven Dimensions has a great selection of DVDs and resources for both candidates and selectors in the areas of:

Seven Dimensions had two brand new 2008 release DVD series specifically developed for interviews: Selection Interview Skills and Job Interview Success Series.

Designed for managers, team leaders, consultants and trainers is the Selection Interviewing Skills series of 12 DVDs. This practical series of programs is for anyone involved in interviewing with useful examples for evaluation, discussion and exploration of key skills.

For candidates, Seven Dimensions had developed the Job Interview Success Series of 14 DVDs which provides practical advice to build confidence and succeed at job interviews. This dynamic new series is a practical and comprehensive library resource for schools, institutes, universities and job centres. Using a variety of case studies and examples, with excellent advice and practical information, this series will help ensure success at a wide range of interviews.

Highly recommended Selection and Interviews titles can also be found in the best selling Take Away Training Series with titles such as: 10 Employability Attributes & Skills, 6 Essential Steps to Getting That New Job, Going for a Job Interview, How to Make a 5 Star Impression, Selection Techniques and more.

Selection and interviews DVD titles can also be found in the following series: People Skills, Learning a la Carte, Creating a High Performance Workplace and Improving Service .

Especially developed for teenagers is the title Making a Good Impression from the best selling series Teenagers' Guide to the Galaxy.

Finally, also included in the area of selection and interviews is an online 360 degree online assessment Skill Indicator tool for measuring and evaluating interviewing skills.