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Teamwork is an important life skill for everyone whether it be at school, in sports, at work or even in our social life. Teamwork in the workplace is not just important, it is fundamental. Evidence of the importance of teamwork in the workplace can be seen in the change in work titles from Managers and Supervisors to Team Leaders. Successful teams need participants to have the right skills including good listening, questioning and presentation skills to name only a few.

Ensure that the teams in your organisation are equipped with the skills to achieve higher levels of performance with Seven Dimensions DVDs and assessment tools in the areas of:

Seven Dimensions has an entire series on team building entitled Teamwork Essentials. This four-part video series analyses and demonstrates fundamental skills for teams in four key areas. It will help team members develop their skills in communicating, presenting ideas clearly, managing change and reducing stress.

Highly recommended teamwork DVDs can be found in the best selling 'interview style' series; Take Away Training with 12 titles including: Conflict within Teams, Decision Making in Groups, Leading Group Discussions, Making Teams Work Brilliantly and Understanding Group Dynamics.

Best selling teamwork titles can also be found in the People Skills 'drama style' series with the titles Presenting to a Group and Team Building.

In the Learning a la Carte Series, which includes interviews with world leading experts, teamwork titles include: Continuous Team Development, Improving Team Climate, Making Teams Work, Managing Call Centre Staff, Managing Disagreements Constructively, Managing Virtual Teams, Success Factors for Virtual Teams and Team Negotiations.

Finally you can assess your team's performance with two, 360 degree Skill Indicator online assessment tools for measuring and evaluating meeting facilitation and team skills.