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Youth And Community

In addition to its hundreds of corporate titles, Seven Dimensions also has an impressive list of best selling and award winning DVDs, CDs, online resources & books for Schools & The Community.

Seven Dimensions youth and community resources are available in the following areas:

Seven Dimensions has several programs developed especially for children with the titles: Be A Sport, You Can Stop Bullying, What If, Multiply With Music and My Music Teacher's OK.

Seven Dimensions has also developed an outstanding Australian series to help develop communication skills for teenagers with Teenagers' Guide to the Galaxy. This award winning series of 15 videos covers issues such as bullying, sex education, family and more.

Also developed with young people in mind is the Job Interview Success Series. This 14 DVD series provides practical advice to build confidence and succeed at job interviews. It is a practical and comprehensive library resource for schools, institutes, universities and job centres. Using a variety of case studies and examples, with excellent advice and practical information, this series will help ensure success at a wide range of interviews. This series will also suit those who have lost confidence.

Seven Dimension has developed a number of community programs that deal frankly with issues of abuse with titles such as Domestic Violence, Domestic Violence - Trigger Tapes, Quandary - Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse & Incest.

Turn your negative thoughts into positive scripts and change your life and your relationship with the two books: Rewrite Your Life, and Rewrite Your Relationships. Eve Ash and Rob Gerrand help you understand your negative scripts and explain how you can turn them into scripts for success.

Seven Dimensions has also developed programs for the community specifically about, Chlamydia, healthy eating, smoking, self-defence, Caring, Ageing & Sensory Loss, Gender Diversity & Sport and MS.

Finally, Seven Dimensions also has an entire program dedicated to learning English as a second language entitled Hello Australia