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Seven Dimensions (7D) was founded in 1979 by psychologist Eve Ash, who was inspired by John Cleese to produce comedy films so learning at work could be fun. Over 700 videos, documentaries and TV shows have been filmed in Australia and USA. Best selling programs on leadership, interpersonal skills, health and youth programs sell worldwide. 7D also provides learning resources, workshops, seminars and creative production and consulting services.

Recently 7D has produced 300 exciting new titles. Eve and Olympian Cathy Freeman created the Finding My Magic cartoons to help children gain confidence, learn their rights and build skills against bullying. And in LA, Eve and comedienne Erin Brown have been producing the hilarious Cutting Edge Communication Comedy Series. Together with linguistics expert Dr Fran Byrnes, they have produced a unique range of comedy English language programs.

In 2015 7D launched a new series of 61 training videos, INSIGHTS AND STRATEGIES SERIES, featuring Eve Ash interviewing a diverse group of experts and business leaders who share experiences and strategies to achieve best practice.



Track record

We have produced over 700 films unique videos and television programs, winning over 160 international media awards for excellence.

In the last 5 years we have produced 200+ new video titles and developed exciting new workshop experiences for 1000s of participants.



Workshops and Keynotes

7D designs and delivers innovative workshop to motivate managers and staff, and develop their skills.

Our workshop facilitators are always rated highly, and keynote presentations get top feedback scores.



Film Videos

We have a passionate and experienced creative team of producers, directors, writers, editors, cinematographers, sound engineers, 3D animators and actors, both in Australia and USA.

We understand the key elements to ensure successful videos and documentaries.

We produce our own video programs and films for distribution, as well as specific clients programs.  is our streaming brand.




Clients have included Victoria University, Griffith University, Marie Stopes International, Westpac, National Australia Bank, ANZ, Save the Children, Cancer Council, SBS, Telstra, Amway, Legalwise, Aged Care Accreditation, SE Lawyers, and many more.

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