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Videos & DVDs


We deliver door to door worldwide.

Some programs include comprehensive Video guides, PPT slides, scripts, activities, certificates and trailers.



PAY per view

View any title to build your skills and knowledge just before a meeting or event. Each 'use' provides 3 opportunities within 48 hours to view the program.


License any number of videos for unlimited use throughout your organization. Choose 1 - 5 year licenses. We offer discounts for bundles, and savings when ordering DVDs with a license.



Motivational Books

Two books published by Penguin from motivational psychologist Eve Ash.

Rewrite Your Life!
Rewrite Your Relationships!



Free Resources

Free Resources Links

- Ask EVE podcasts
- Articles and blogs



Speakers & Training

We provide a wide range of training events, from multi-day workshops or short seminars, to comedy performances.

We delight in providing interactive fun learning experiences tailored to your objectives and audience needs.

Eve Ash is a popular speaker who can deliver a keynote address to top executives or be an MC at your next conference.

Topics range from leadership and motivation to careers and justice.



Production Services & Video Styles

We offer creative production and consulting services and have broad experience across many genres.

Documentary & Case Studies

We have filmed documentaries including the multi-award winning Shadow of Doubt

Currently we are filming JUSTICE HUNTERS - a new series on miscarriages of justice to be released in 2015.

Insights & Strategies Series and Workplace Excellence Series provide case studies and interviews with top business professionals.

Tailored Corporate Videos

We have produced over 200 short films for clients across Australia - covering all genres - drama, interview style, TV quiz shows, animation. Most recent productions include the Elder Abuse Series, Forensic Expert Evidence Series, Chlamydia-The Secret is Out, Be Learning Telstra video.

Comedy Drama

We specialize in comedy and recently filmed 150 programs with our brilliant Cutting Edge US comedy team, headed by Erin Brown, covering business management and communication skills.


Our animation programs cover adult motivation and children's topics. Our series Finding My Magic for children teaches human rights has won 10 international awards.



Topics & Audiences

Check the 7D Video Finder on the left for our wide range of topics.

Business & Tertiary

Our extensive library of business and communications videos is used in business, universities and colleges across the globe.

Schools & Community Health

We have specialised award winning programs

Personal Development

All our programs can be used for personal growth and improving career skills.

General Entertainment

Our multi-award winning justice film Shadow of Doubt screened in cinemas and on Foxtel CiTV cable channel.

We also produced human relations TV series and co-produced Ben Elton's Mini-series STARK.