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DIVERSITY: List of resources
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Global Cultural Awareness
AUD $275.00 Barney disrupts a cultural awareness session Serena is trying to facilitate. ...
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Prejudice and Discrimination
AUD $275.00 Dion experiences prejudice and Casey is victim to mob mentality. ...
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Stereotyping and Diversity
AUD $275.00 Marcus uses hat day to demonstrate stereotyping and Casey is in tears. ...
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Handling the New Wave
AUD $275.00 An amusing program about managing the expectations and behaviors of the newest recruits. ...
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Appreciating Diversity
AUD $275.00 Carol returns from vacation to find that Marcus has hired two non-English speakers, to develop diversity at work....
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Ensuring a Respectful Workplace
AUD $275.00 Serena is concerned that the culture lacks basic elements of respect. Some team members confront Carol about her racis...
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Teaching Greetings
AUD $275.00 Carlos needs training in reception skills. Carol is critical of his pronunciation and poor English, so she delegates t...
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Welcoming New People
AUD $275.00 Sherry is new, but gets relegated to the bottom of the stairs, where she feels isolated and excluded from team activit...
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