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SERVICE: List of resources
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Delivering Sensational Service
AUD $275.00 Casey practices her service skills on Tammy, but the strategy backfires. ...
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Starting Relationship Selling
AUD $275.00 When Carol is left to train four staff to sell, she assumes none will succeed. ...
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Enhancing Service
AUD $275.00 Listen to customers, build rapport and deminstrate you care by being efficient, knowledgeable and a problem solver. ...
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Building Relationships
AUD $275.00 Marcus sets up a “speed socializing” exercise to give staff an insight into building long lasting relation...
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Teaching Greetings
AUD $275.00 Carlos needs training in reception skills. Carol is critical of his pronunciation and poor English, so she delegates t...
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Creating Positive Impressions
AUD $275.00 Carol greets new clients but struggles with their name pronunciation. Michael and Wendy are not welcoming, so Carol gi...
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