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MANAGING UPWARDS: List of resources
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Insights and Strategies Series
AUD $4,697.00 Inspire best practice performance with up-to-date knowledge, insights and strategies from a range of business leaders ...
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Giving Managers Feedback
AUD $275.00 Marcus offers Carol the unique opportunity to give some feedback to Serena and himself. Carol enjoys being direct and ...
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Managing Multiple Sites
AUD $275.00 Eve Ash interviews Suzanne Dvorak, CEO, Marie Stopes International. A major challenge for any growing organisation with...
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Recognition & Feedback
AUD $495.00 Motivate people, develop skills and improve work performance: • Give immediate recognition and feedback • ...
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7 Ways to Handle a Difficult Boss
AUD $275.00 Stop complaining and start working on solving the problem. Learn seven specific strategies to help with even the most...
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So You Agree With Me?
AUD $495.00 Leon wants to talk to his manager about her leadership style (he, and the other team leaders, think she is too autocra...
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Coaching to Clarify Expectations
AUD $495.00 Coaches need to set high expectations. But people can only perform well at work if they have been told what is expecte...
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Managing Upwards
AUD $275.00 Gain the skills for getting feedback and asking for help from your manager. ...
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