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EXERCISE: List of resources
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AUD $275.00 A video program to inspire winning behaviours in everyone. Meet three winners and discover the simple lessons of their...
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Removing Tension
AUD $275.00 Brittany, the personal trainer, demonstrates various stretches to combat stiff aching bodies and work related problems...
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Stretching the Team
AUD $275.00 Marcus introduces Brittany, a personal trainer, to help the team with stretching exercises that can be followed by vie...
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Inspirational Leadership
AUD $495.00 Discover the behaviors, attitudes and strategies of outstanding leaders. With this training, your leaders will know h...
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Wellbeing & Balance
AUD $495.00 Discover how healthy people with work/life balance will be happier and more productive. When through this training, s...
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Getting Fit for Business
AUD $275.00 In this video, learn how new research on aging shows that poor diet and exercise contribute to low fitness, low ene...
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The Corporate Stretch
AUD $99.00 Stress relief for office staff and call centres. This program emphasises the importance of stretching, breathing correct...
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Self Defence for Women
AUD $55.00 Self-defence expert, Penny Gulliver encourages women to be alert to potentially dangerous situations and motivates the...
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