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How to Develop Your People
AUD $275.00 Everyone needs a development plan with career goals, reviewed regularly. Psychologist Eve Ash provides some useful guide...
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Manager and Psychologist
from the series: Q&A Series
AUD $275.00 This a course providing practical examples of people skills required by managers. Managers need to understand how to ...
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Adult Learning Principles
AUD $275.00 Are you involved in designing or delivering training and education to adults? If so, then make sure you discover ho...
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Getting The Most out of Training
AUD $275.00 Learn to take more personal responsibility for maximised learning. Motivates those about to engage in a training activ...
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Managing a Mature Age Workforce
AUD $275.00 What is the impact of the decline of the 'baby boomers' in workplaces? Learn why companies must retain these workers. ...
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Action Learning for Results
AUD $275.00 Describes the basics of action learning and why it is an increasingly used method for developing people. With ...
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Managing Gen X'ers
AUD $275.00 This video examines Generation Xers (those born between the mid 60s and the mid 70s). Uncover what makes them ti...
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