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Workplace Excellence Series
10 programs
AUD $2,970.00
Workplace Excellence Series

This outstanding series of documentary case study programs was filmed in best practice organizations - an online recruitment business, a travel business, an Australian city government and a school.

Meet the managers and staff who provide powerful insights and strategies for business success and staff satisfaction. Find out how these organizations achieve workplace excellence.

Ideal for managers, teams and staff at all levels.


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To buy the WHOLE SERIES, click on the shopping cart above (no need to add individual titles to your cart). This series contains the following titles
Employer of Choice
AUD $495.00 Buy Now
Find out how to be a respected and award winning employer: Create a culture of pride Promote yourself as an e... More...
Green & Giving
AUD $495.00 Buy Now
It's easy to make a difference at work and for the environment: Implement green initiatives Give back ... More...
Innovation & Continuous Improvement
AUD $495.00 Buy Now
Inspire everyone to be creative, offer suggestions and make improvements: Identify opportunities to improve D... More...
Inspirational Leadership
AUD $495.00 Buy Now
Discover the behaviours, attitudes and strategies of outstanding leaders: Lead by example Project your passio... More...
Motivating Fun Workplace
AUD $495.00 Buy Now
Find out why some people love coming to work and doing their best: • Energize with breakfast • Create a fu... More...
Open Communication & Teamwork
AUD $495.00 Buy Now
Learn how to communicate effectively to achieve best results: • Promote open and honest communication • ... More...
Passion for Service Excellence
AUD $495.00 Buy Now
See the difference when people want to provide exceptional service: Be passionate about your work Make a posi... More...
Recognition & Feedback
AUD $495.00 Buy Now
Motivate people, develop skills and improve work performance: • Give immediate recognition and feedback • ... More...
Vision & Values
AUD $495.00 Buy Now
Be inspired to develop a powerful vision and values to motivate others: Present a powerful vision with clear goal... More...
Wellbeing & Balance
AUD $495.00 Buy Now
Healthy people with work-life balance will be happier and more productive: Feel the benefits of exercise Offe... More...
Package Description

Leader's Guides with each DVD include discussion questions, activities, handouts and full scripts.

Recommended Audiences
  • All staff
  • Managers
Distributed in the following format(s)
  • DVD
Available in the following language(s)
  • English
Media Type
Video Recording
Presentation Style
  • Documentary
  • Case Study
Closed Captions
Seven Dimensions
Seven Dimensions