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SEVEN DIMENSIONS (7D) was founded in 1980 by psychologist and presenter Eve Ash, who recognized that learning is more effective when people are stimulated and engaged. The 7D approach to analyzing human behavior and providing practical skills and strategies, features in over 1000 videos and 500 interactive eLearning courses on leadership, communication, health, safety and professional development. Genres include comedy, drama, interview style, case studies, documentary and animation.

NEW RELEASES 2023-2024 100+ new videos and eLearning courses, and a podcast series.

AWARDS 170+ awards for creativity, excellence and outstanding achievement, including an Australian Businesswoman of the Year Award won by Eve. PRODUCTS Videos, eLearning courses, documentaries, TV series, podcasts, workshops, keynotes, books and learning resources.

EVE ASH Produced all 7D business programs, the award winning feature documentaries, Man on the Bus and Shadow of Doubt, the 6-part TV series,Undercurrent: Real Murder Investigation in which she stars, the best-selling Cutting Edge Communication Comedy Series, filmed in Los Angeles, and the multi-award Finding My Magic cartoons with Olympian Cathy Freeman, to help children build confidence and stand up to bullying. Eve is a popular keynote speaker who wrote self-help books published by Penguin, and produced a 19-part podcast series, Who Killed Bob? about a wrongful conviction. Get it now on Spotify or Apple.