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14: How was your week?
Duration: 18 Minutes
AUD $275.00

Talk about things that happened in the past – this morning, yesterday, last week, last month.

The Basic English learning package comprises 20 ground-breaking programs that combine psychology, linguistics and instructional design to engage learners of English. Designed by Linguistics Expert Dr Fran Byrnes and Psychologist Eve Ash.

Each program has six sections:

1. Language functions
A practical opening to each program showing how we do things with language such as meeting, informing, asking, thanking, comparing etc.

2. Grammar
A simple introduction to basic English grammar with examples of how it is used.

3. Everyday expressions
Explains common phrases and expressions that non-English speakers can use in their speech.

4. Vocabulary
Word knowledge is developed through highlighting key words in everyday language.

5. Tips
Encouragement and suggestions will help new learners build confidence in speaking English.

6. Speaking practice
Examples are provided that recap the program and provide opportunities to practice.

Package Description

Comprises 20 video programs plus a resoruces kit with PDFs of workbooks with ESL learning activities and quizzes, PowerPoint Slides, Certificates and trailers.

Recommended Audiences
  • English/ESL learners
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  • DVD
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  • English
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