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Achieving SMART Goals
Duration: 9 Minutes
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Lean the SMART formula and set specific measurable goals that are relevant and achievable within a time frame.

Carol says she is successful because she constantly sets herself daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. She distinguishes between short-term and longer-term goals and introduces the team to the goal acronym: SMART. Sam says S is for Specific – goals should not be vague (such as aiming to be better) – and offers WH questions: “What do I want?, Why do I want it? and What steps will I take to get there?”. Steve adds that people should also ask “Who do I need to help me get there?” and “When will this happen?” Goals also need to be Measureable and Achievable. Goals must be Relevant and achieved within a Timeframe. Carol invites the team to set themselves a SMART goal. She introduces them to PEA: Persist, Evaluate and Ask. A mentor can be instrumental in achieving goals; one should ask for help.

Key Learning Points

"Be clear about your goals. It's the first step towards results"


Don't be vague about your goals
INSTEAD: Set specific measurable goals

Don't tackle unrealistic goals
INSTEAD: Set achievable, relevant goals

Don't be lazy about when
INSTEAD: Commit to a timeframe

Don't give up easily
INSTEAD: Persist and ask for help

S - Specific
M - Measurable
A - Achievable
R - Relevant
T - Timeframe

P = Persist
E = Evaluate
A = Ask

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