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NEGOTIATION SKILLS: List of resources
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Handling Anyone Difficult
AUD $275.00 Steve teaches Carlos 6 key skills so problems don't escalate with difficult people. ...
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Resolving Conflict
AUD $275.00 A great program on essential skills for preventing and resolving conflict with best outcomes. ...
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Negotiating for Results
AUD $275.00 Steve and Paul Garrison negotiate a large contract to provide services to Paul’s company.  Steve wants to p...
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Managing Difficult Customers and Complaints
AUD $275.00 Ideal for group training and self-development..with excellent workbook and handouts. Psychologist Peter Quarry and a ...
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Overcoming Objections
AUD $275.00 Ideal for group training and self-development. With excellent workbook and handouts. Psychologist Peter Quarry and ...
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Preparing Your Business Case
AUD $275.00 Eve Ash interviews Suzanne Dvorak CEO, Marie Stopes International. Many managers and employees often need to prepar...
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Team Negotiations
AUD $275.00 In this video, learn why more and more negotiations are being conducted by teams, rather than individuals. Uncover...
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The Process of Negotiation
AUD $275.00 Everybody spends a significant proportion of their time negotiating with others. In this video, an international ex...
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Coaching to Resolve Conflict
AUD $495.00 This program will provide viewers with the knowledge and skills they need to coach others to resolve conflicts in t...
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Mediating Disputes
from the series: People Skills Series
AUD $495.00 Learn a step-by-step method for resolving disputes, personality clashes and other conflicts. ...
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