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TIME & PRIORITIES: List of resources
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Insights and Strategies Series
AUD $4,697.00 Inspire best practice performance with up-to-date knowledge, insights and strategies from a range of business leaders ...
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Surviving Stress and Burnout
AUD $275.00 Stress is common in the workplace but this doesn't mean it should be accepted as normal....
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10 Healthy Work Habits
AUD $275.00 Being healthy has a positive influence on energy and work performance. Psychologist Peter Quarry gives 10 practical str...
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Regaining Control of Your Day
AUD $275.00 Many people today feel out of control, stressed and don't know how to regain control of their day. They become fixated o...
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Wellbeing & Balance
AUD $495.00 Healthy people with work-life balance will be happier and more productive: Feel the benefits of exercise Offe...
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How to Survive Email Overload
AUD $275.00 Psychologist Eve Ash knows people are stressed, overloaded and drowning with the number of emails they receive. Eve sa...
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6 Ways to Manage Overload
AUD $275.00 Discover what you can do to manage overload in your work and life. Identify some constructive changes to improve y...
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Personal Goal Setting
AUD $275.00 Learn the five most common mistakes people make in setting goals and how to overcome them to achieve success. ...
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Controlling Call Time
from the series: Hotlines Series
AUD $275.00 Staff in call centres need to be able to control call time and manage talkative callers politely. ...
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Balancing Work & Private Life
AUD $275.00 Discover helpful strategies and ideas to regain and maintain your balance. ...
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Delegating & Prioritising
AUD $275.00 Learn techniques for setting priorities and delegating effectively. ...
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Time Management
AUD $275.00 Discover ways to solve time management problems and manage your time effectively. ...
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Getting To Know Me
from the series: Funny Business Series
AUD $99.00 A disorganised and stressed sales manager learns to examine his priorities and streamline his commitments. T...
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