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05: Prioritize and Organize
Duration: 12 mins
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Plan for success, manage yourself efficiently, prioritize to get results.

The Cutting Edge team can be messy and unorganized, something that the VP, Serena, dislikes intensely. Carol is not happy with Casey’s Post-it notes. Serena stresses the importance of taking notes and looking competent and efficient, especially when one is new to the job. The best way to get organized is to determine priorities. Sherry explains how to break things down in order of what needs doing first, second and later. When it comes to planning, Marcus shows how without a plan for the emergency drill, nothing goes right, and Serena ends up injured at the bottom of the stairs. One person’s lack of organization creates a ripple effect on the team. The interns learn about the importance of being on time and keeping promises, and how to best manage pressure and multi-task effectively.

Key Learning Points


Don’t be messy
INSTEAD Get yourself organized

Don’t be haphazard
INSTEAD Work out priorities

Don’t cause chaos
INSTEAD Plan tasks effectively

Don’t be late
INSTEAD Always be on time

Don’t freak when overloaded
INSTEAD Learn to manage pressure

Learning Outcomes

Viewers can learn the importance of planning, prioritizing and getting organized and how they might improve their own organizational skills:

• Get yourself organized
• Work out priorities
• Plan tasks effectively
• Always be on time
• Learn to manage pressure

Package Description

DVD includes Video, PDF of Leader's Guide with activities, scripts, discussion questions, Certificates, PowerPoint Slides and trailers.

Usage Examples

Can be used by students at schools and universities preparing to enter the workforce, or new recruits and interns or anyone wanting to polish their employability skills.

Recommended Audiences
  • Youth workers
  • Personal Use
  • Community
  • University students
  • All staff
  • Youth
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  • DVD
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  • English
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 Video Recording
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Los Angeles USA
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Seven Dimensions
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