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Insights and Strategies Series
AUD $4,697.00 Inspire best practice performance with up-to-date knowledge, insights and strategies from a range of business leaders ...
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Switch On Series
AUD $935.00 The SWITCH ON SERIES has been created by psychologist Eve Ash to help people identify and change negative thinki...
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Getting Motivated
AUD $275.00 An animated series developed by psychologist Eve Ash to help people get motivated. Learn how to create a positive min...
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Damage Control
AUD $495.00 In Damage Control you will explore a case study of a product launch delivery disaster and a very angry client - all s...
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Passion for Service Excellence
AUD $495.00 See the difference when people want to provide exceptional service. Learn that when you’re passionate about you...
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Leadership for Quality Service
AUD $275.00 In this video, hear from a former Disney executive about how leadership can ensure that high quality customer service ...
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Putting Customers First
AUD $495.00 This video covers key training areas for achieving superior customer service by putting customers first. These incl...
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The Vision for Change
AUD $187.00 This video features Psychologist Peter Quarry and shows how a vision can power the change process. It covers seven steps...
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